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Recently we are presented by drone technology that can attract young people, namely drone sprayer (drone spraying) the advantages of this drone is that this drone can be used to spray a lot of land with fertilizer which is then in accordance with the concept of biodiversity. sewonials, because our location is in sewon, so it’s still sewon millenials that can only feel the thrill of being a drone pilot guys !! but not closed will develop into slemanials even local millenials to foreign countries. Aminn!

The following is a Drone sprayer 20L V3, this Drone is available in black, the frequency controller is around 2.4 Ghz, batrai capacity 22,000mAh, equipped with 3 ultrasonic sensors range finderm software used is Mission Planner, this drone can be used as a spraying with a distance of 3 hectare / hour. With a spraying speed of 2-6 m / s. Besides, this drone is also automatic and the control system uses autopilot, fly by wire and manual. This drone is equipped with Industrial Brushless Motor Chemical Proof type motor. Recently, we from the FrogsID team also conducted a hover test or flight test for the drone sprayer.

This time, examine the three items that were issued semi autonomous, autonomous, and the sprayer test. First, the team conducted a semi-autonomous testing system. Tests are carried out to find out how to run the takeoff and landing system from the drone and to find out the weakness of the drone when flying. Continuing with the second test, the team conducted an autonomous system test. In this system, the drone will be controlled from the earth station. The ground station has several equipment to monitor drone movements. Testing to learn how to take off and land also challenges drones when flying automatically. Last is the sprayer test. In this test, the team applied paint to the liquid that was used then sprayed by this drone sprayer, gave color to the liquid that was supported so that the fall of the air from the spray was easier to monitor. These tests were carried out to facilitate and increase the area of ​​the area that was able to be reached by the drone sprayer. The FrogsID team also conducted this experiment by giving maximum load in the paddy fields. However, this maximum load gave a significant priority to the team. Frogs will try to talk again with different weights and expect more optimal results as before. The following video footage, guys! hopefully not just sewonials who can enjoy the thrill of agricultural drones, but also millennials around the world !!




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  1. By Javier on

    hello where can i buy it and what features does it have thanks i hope your answer

  2. By Jim on


    I like this drone. I hope you don’t mind my asking all these questions but I don’t want to spend all that money and find out later that there is a problem and the drone doesn’t suit my needs. Thank you for your time.

    Please answer each of the questions with “Yes” or “No”. Feel free to add any comments.

    Does this drone come with motor?

    Does this drone come with Electronic Speed Control?

    Does this drone come with Active Braking?

    Does this drone come with flight/remote control with GPS for landing and other functions?

    Does this drone come with propellers?

    Does this drone come with remote controller software?

    Does this drone come with spray system (medicine box, water pump, spray head,) ?

    Does this drone come with Maintenance and Operation Manual, etc?

    Does this kit come with everything that is needed to spray my field with pesticide WITHOUT me needing to go hunt for missing parts? Is that correct? If not, then what is it that I will need and where do I go to get it?

    How wide is the spray pattern?

    Are the spray nozzles adjustable for different spray rates?

    How many gallons of water does the tank hold?

    Assume we begin with a full tank of water/pesticide to spray, how long can the drone fly before having to recharge the Battery?

    Does the kit come with the batteries and charger?

    Can I control the ground speed of this drone? What is max speed approx and what is minimum?

    Does this drone have ant-collision protection?

    Can you e-mail me a copy of the Maintenance and Operation manual?


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