Anyeong Hasseo!
                                  (JI EUN TAK)


“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved through understanding” – Albert Einstein

At first,I am most grateful to my parents who always support my educations in Computer science and Electronics,Gadjah Mada University. Just a person with an eagerness learn something new.I am able to speaks and write in Japanese and Mandarin besides english.Before I started this company website,during the college I have an entrepreneurship activity in my entrepreneurship and management class. My background is indeed as computer’s science and electronics, Gadjah Mada University,but I like to talk an interact with japanese and korean friends.I making this course since 2013 until now with a name “Visions Educations” . I have some foreign friends from many countries and my friends will develop our skill to give many advantages like teaching foreign language for rural area as KKN program in my college I think.

Last but not least,its not make a small means of my life I almost grateful to my lovely grandmother who always give me advise in my life about how to patient and how to living in “Simplicity” in my life.

I LOVE YOU “Grandmother”!



Pleasure is yours,



Sari Dewi