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I came to Sumatera from Bukittinggi in last year ago. I write about Bukittinggi today because I miss to my hometown.You may know,Jam Gadang is branded in this city, at fast.

West Sumatera Prefecture, with Bukittinggi City and Padang City as its two major urban centers, offers no shortage of urban pleasures : great Business, diverse and delicious shopping, and electric entertainment. Yet its greatest charm may be that natural splendor is always just a short trip away. Hiking up mountains and along rivers where Indonesian’s unique flora and fauna remain untouched. Relaxing in one of the Pemandian Air Panas that bubble up naturally from under the surface of the earth or enjoying marine sports off of Padang Island three-sided coast along the Sea of Indonesia. After a full day of unforgettable adventures, it’s time to take advantage of the great food that has made Bukittinggi famous as a Hills paradise, starting with the climbing mountain and many scenery about NGARAI SIANOK. Bukittinggi has an area of fun and beauty that you will remember forever.

Especially, JAPAN CAVE is known as the best place for sightseeing in Bukittinggi by all people in Indonesia. I’d like to write about it now.JAPAN CAVE is an important Cave in the Bukittinggi. The path to the Cave is lined with souvenir shops selling local specialties like accesories girl, batik,and others.
im interest to Japan because there are many japan people have a Good moral and discipline i think. I hope next year i can come to Japan as “Internship” in one of Best Japan Company. Thanks for all people, my mother especially who support me in my Live, Passion, and others.

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