The overseas of Tello Island,Yes off course there also lots of good waves for surfing, for the non surfer there is countless idillic islands to explore, beach combing, swimming, snorkelling and great fishing.

Most of the Islands are covered in coconut groves and the main islands of Tanahmasa and Tanahabala is covered by thick jungle with no true roads and barely any tracks.

The main Island of Tello has a small road that circumnavigates the island, there are only a few cars, so its a great place to ride a bike around, around the island there is villages to see including a traditional Nias style house, there is also two caves to see, the town of Tello is also a nice little coastal Indonesian fishing village, the people in the area don’t see many tourist and are extremely friendly.

There is one losmen in town, but it is much better to stay with locals in a villages just go see the kepala desa on the island or village you wish to visit.

The closest and most visited Island other than Tello is a small idilic island called Sibaranun, it has one small village with about 200 people set up in a traditional courtyard layout, with community area and church, you can walk around the island in about an hour and there is a great beach to swim and sheltered reef to snorkel and for surfers there is two waves.